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“Random House Penguin Sold More Than 100 Million eBooks in 2013;
Copy Their #1 Selling Strategy”

If you're publishing eBooks to Kindle, B&N Nook Press, Apple, Kobo, Create Space or any other publishing platform. Then you need to read every word in this letter..

If you have been publishing you would have heard the phrase 'Content is King'. But Content does not only refer to the text in your book, it means the whole package, Book Cover Art, Text and Metadata as well.

In 2013 Random House Penguin sold more than 100 Million eBook Copies and one of the secrets to their success is simply producing HIGH QUALITY COVER ART!

Here is a snapshot of their Investors Profile for APRIL 2014

Publishers Pay Up To $2,500 For A Single Book Cover
Get HUNDREDS of These High Quality Covers For Pennies

If you would like to sell books like hot cakes the way Random House does, then you need to have high quality covers that captivate readers and force them to hit the buy button over and over again!


Think of your book as a product on a shelf and the cover as the packaging. Would you buy a product if the packaging was torn and tattered and just looked unprofessional?

The answer is “Probably NOT!”

Random House and other SMART Publishers know this and USE QUALITY COVER ART to WIN the readers attention. This has been the single most important strategy that has led to their success!

Once I realized that my covers OR actually my packaging was ALL WRONG I had to change the way I was doing things!

First.... I hired two designers, one that had worked part-time with one of the big five publishing companies.

Second.... I had them design a large cache of both HIGH QUALITY eBook and Print book templates in over ten of the most profitable book categories including fiction romance and children’s books.

Finally.... I began changing all my old covers for my NEW high quality book covers and watched as my royalty checks got bigger and bigger!

Here is what earnings looked like before in October 2013

Here is what they looked like in November 2013 - a 400%+ Jump in Revenue!

Using my templates I was able to save over $30,000 on the year and make twice as much from book sales. I even hired one of those designers full time.

My entire cache included over 450 templates and I had only used 140+ of them - I still have hundreds that remain untouched before I hired my own full time cover designer.

What Does This Mean For You?
And How Can You Immediately Boost Your Sales...

It's quite simple - Start Using QUALITY BOOK COVERS! like Random House and you can start captivating buyers who will fall in love with your book without reading a single word.

Today I'm going to hand over all these unused templates to you along with all the tools I used to boost my revenue and spark new life my old books that were making only a few sales each month.

Introducing eBook Cover Factory

eBook Cover Factory is a complete package of eBook and Print Book Cover Templates that my expert cover designers created that I NEVER USED. Complete with the editable files in both PSD and GIMP, exotic fonts and training videos on how to use the templates.The video lessons are so easy to understand and so easy to implement that a child could watch, understand, implement and start increasing your royalty checks!

eBook Cover Factory contains 200+ Templates along with Instant Action Video Lessons:

Video #1: Editing Your Templates With Photoshop
Video #2: Editing Your Templates With GIMP(Gimp is a free software)
Video #3: Creating Covers With Kindle Cover Creator Templates
Video #4: Creating Covers With Create Space Cover Creator
Video #5: How to Use eBook Cover Factory to Profit Online

This is not hype, exaggeration or a false claim; you can pick up eBook Cover Factory, use the templates, and start implementing these covers immediately. – These Training Videos get you started in a matter of minutes.

Videos provide you with a step by step guide that goes straight to the point with information that you can use to take action immediately and is delivered in a user friendly easy to understand way.

Here is a look at some of the invaluable resources you’ll get in eBook Cover Factory:

  • Instant Access to the Members Area to All 200+ Download Cover Templates (Retail Value: $1,497.00)
  • 400+ 300 DPI Images to Help To Make New Covers (Retail Value: $497.00)
  • Create Space Cover Templates for Use with Create Space Cover Creator (Retail Value: $197.00)
  • Unique Kindle Cover Creator Templates to Create Covers Right inside KDP Platform (Retail Value: $197.00)
  • Editable PSD Files for All Templates (Retail Value: $97.00)
  • Editable GIMP Files for All Templates for editing with GIMP Software (Retail Value: $97.00)
  • Exotic Fonts Library to help your Text stand out (Retail Value: $97.00)
  • Amazon Best Seller Creatives to use for your Book Cover (Retail Value: $47.00)
  • Training On How To Use GIMP & Adobe Photoshop
  • Training On How To Use KDP Cover Creator to build covers inside your KDP Platform

eBook Cover Factory is your best resource for eBook and Print Book Cover Art!

Total Package Valued At:$2,796.00


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Not only do you get access to the templates, the training, the high quality images and much more; you get a full 30 day, 100% risk-free guarantee to go along with it.

Use these templates for a FULL 30 Days to explode your sales and if you aren’t thrilled with the results, send our support desk an e-mail and get every penny of your investment back.

Use these resources to ensure that you can have $2,500.00 Cover ART for PENNIES and leave your competitors in the dust.

But, there's EVEN more…

eBook Cover Factory “Bonuses”

In addition to all of the templates, fonts and training covered inside the member's area of eBook Cover Factory, you’re also going to get access to 3 super hot bonuses:

BONUS #1: Top 20 eBook Niches Report

To kick start your eBook business we are giving you 20 hot niches that you can start publishing in immediately.

You get twenty plus (20+) hot niches that we choose using the awesome eBook Niche Explorer and another 10 Niches that are guaranteed to make sales once you rank (we use a proprietary method of choosing these niches).

BONUS #2: Retailers Insights Training

You get training on how to turn your books into CASH MACHINES that pump out royalty checks every month. This training will help you kick start your eBook publishing business right now by revealing 3 MUST DO strategies to easily earn more royalties!

BONUS #3: Kindle & CreateSpace Plug & Play Templates

Two great plug and play templates for Microsoft Word to Kindle and Print. No more stress about getting your books properly formatted. Use these plug and play templates - Simply Add your content and upload. Your books will be properly formatted and render correctly on any Mobile Device including, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and the iPAD.

That's another $297 in Bonuses!

Bringing Total Added Value = $3,000+


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Don't get left in the dust when your competitors start using HIGH QUALITY COVER ART with their books!

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  • Instant Access to the Members Area
  • 200+ eBook & Print Cover Templates
  • 400+ 300 DPI Images
  • Create Space Cover Templates
  • Kindle Cover Creator Templates
  • Editable PSD Files
  • Editable GIMP Files
  • Exotic Fonts Library
  • Amazon Best Seller Creatives
  • Training On How To Use GIMP
  • Training On How To Use KDP Cover Creator
  • 20+ Profitable Kindle Niche Report
  • Bonus Retailers Insight Training
  • Kindle & CreateSpace MS Word Templates

Total Package Value: $3,000+

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Colin Scott - SpeedyPublishing.Com